Removing trees through crane assisted removals, hands down is the best method. With new technology continually being developed, it is becoming increasingly popular in the arborist industry. Battle Born Tree Service, LLC—the Tree Professional of Reno and Carson City, NV—utilizes this method of tree removal. Traditional large tree removal methods are often time-consuming and labor-intensive.

This tree care service requires complex rigging and lowering to avoid obstacles and usually have inferior results compared to the crane assisted tree removal process. This process greatly reduces the amount of time that it takes to remove the tree, and it also decreases the impact on the surroundings. Using a crane, we can provide a safe and efficient no impact tree removal at a lower cost than traditional methods.

Traditional methods involve large trucks, an extensive crew, and heavy machinery that usually have to be driven across your yard. The use of a crane eliminates the need for other large machinery, and cranes have the ability to work near your home, wires, and other obstacles safely.

Process Overview

To start, our team must determine the setup location for the crane. Many factors—such as elevation, overhead obstacles, and proximity to structures—must be taken into account to ensure optimal positioning. Outriggers and other equipment then stabilize the crane.

The tree climber/cutter then attaches the crane to the cut point on the tree. When attaching the crane, the crew must take into account the weight, the direction in which it will fall, and the surrounding area. The cut is then executed by the tree climber with the crane operator holding him in position. The tree climber and crane operator must be communicating clearly with the help of the rest of the crew on the ground.

After the cut is made, the crane operator will safely maneuver the tree to the drop zone. It is then cut and removed from the property.

Battle Born Professionals

While crane removal can be much more efficient, it must be handled carefully and tactfully. Hiring an inadequate team can put the integrity of the whole job at risk. It takes an organized and experienced team to execute the extraction in the best possible way. Our certified arborists conduct a thorough assessment of the situation before the work begins.

We understand the importance of outstanding customer service, competitive prices, and providing the best quality of work in the Northern Nevada area. Contact us today for an in-depth, personalized consultation for your tree care!

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