Tree Health Care

Here at Battle Born Tree Service, tree health care is rooted deep within us. We honestly care about trees and it shows with our Northern Nevada tree care service.

Since the first tree set its roots billions of years ago, they have evolved and adapted to grow in forested environments where nutrients are abundant and stress is limited. So naturally, they have a hard time acclimating to our urban environments and the stresses we put on them. In a forest, decomposing leaves and fallen twigs supply the tree with essential nutrients and unneeded branches are pruned off by Mother Nature. But that is not the case with urban trees. They often compete with lawns and shrubs for nutrients and branches grow in directions that aren’t desired. Mother Nature still does her pruning but instead of the forest floor, it’s usually homes and cars the branches fall onto.

As The Tree Professional in Reno and Carson City, NV, we understand trees and we know exactly what they need to thrive and succeed in an urban setting. Rooted deep within us is the belief that in order to provide tree care, you have to actually care about the tree. Our mission is simple: Do what is right for the tree. The goal with our arborist tree services is to leave the tree better than we found it. Our Northern Nevada tree experts will do everything possible to improve the tree’s health and prolong its life. We always keep the trees needs in mind and treat it with respect. That, in combination with our experience, makes us the best choice for your tree care needs. We honestly care about trees and all of our ISA certified arborists are trained in the anatomy, biology, and physiology of trees.

PHC Services offered: Tree evaluation and inspection, deep root fertilization, Tree disease diagnosis and management, Insect identification and control, Annual property evaluations with a written report, and tree transplanting.