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Reno NV Tree Arborist Consultations

Battle Born Tree Service LLC understands the importance of outstanding customer service, competitive prices with the best quality of work. This is why we personalize each proposal for every client keeping in mind your specific concerns, problems, goals, and budget requirements.

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    Basic Consultation

    The Basic Arborist Consultation

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    The Basic Arborist Consultation is a general consultation, from the ground, performed by one of our ISA board certified Reno NV tree arborists, while on the property, and it is specific to the client’s request.

    The Basic Consultation may include but is not limited to:

    Basic visual inspection for obvious trunk damage, root damage, evidence of grade changes, or any soil disturbance to the trees’ critical root zones. (This is known as the area under the canopy surrounding the trunk of the tree).

    • Basic crown inspection for an overview of the general health of the tree.
    • Locate any dead, dying or damaged limbs, branches or twigs.
    • Basic visual inspection for structural weaknesses found in the tree.
    • Basic tree health care assessment.
    • Basic insect & disease control assessment.
    • Battle Born Tree Service charges $150.00 for a basic Arborist Consultation.

    Expert Reno NV Tree Arborists

    In-Depth Consultation

    Battle Born Tree Service also offers more complete evaluations and reporting performed by one of our ISA Certified Arborists. These specialty projects require our Reno NV tree arborists to spend more time with you assessing your trees and evaluate the capacity of work needed to correct any problems found.

    In-Depth Consultation Services and Arborist Reports include but are not limited to:

    • Tree value appraisals.
    • Tree Health Care Assessment.
    • Tree Inventories.
    • ISA Tree Risk Assessment.
    • Tree Tagging.
    • Tree Inventory Audit.
    • Tree Mapping.
    • Insect & Disease Control Assessment.
    • Decay Detection.
    • Tree Preservation Planning.
    • Hazard Assessments & Solutions.